BY Millard Arnold, March 5 2020

Hi Millard,

It’s Kavesh from IT, you gave me your website link to have a look at some time last week.


Every single one that I took the time to look at had such wonderful composition, and your portfolio tackles many types of photography so it has depth.

I really liked Reality Revisited, but I guess there is still so much to learn on my part in this area, especially on the post workflow which sometimes impacts how you judge the shot.

I was drawn to Monochromatic Realities as B&W is a passion of mine at this point, and the composition here is beautiful especially in the stories each picture holds.

You’re an artist!


Kavesh Naidoo
IT Manager







Annetd:  “I am always amazed at how sharp your eye is to pick up on these scenes and actions…..”

Roger Ballen:  “You are taking some wonderful photos….”

Saminglefinch: “Love your photography….”

Martin Versfeld:  “Love the use of light. Not sure quite how you did it. Master of your trade….”

Angela Siddall: “Love your city pics. Incredible clarity….”

Martin Kristiansen Photography: “I really love your work.  It’s a fascinating glimpse into ordinary Joburg life…..”

Ricardo Fornoni: “I enjoy the way you capture the moment….”

Angela Siddall: “This pic evoked so much emotion in me. It tells a story of so many….”

R Mencher: “Cleverly seen moment….” “Exquisitely photographed….”

Aya Mifune: “Riveting photo!  The way you captured his facial texture is outstanding….”

Annetd: “You have such a good eye for capturing every day scenes that are so meaningful….”

Martin Versfeld:  “Not sure what it is that makes the mage so captivating but it is!….”

Faarooqm: “Whoa, character etched deep and captured….”

Uncle Methos: “I can’t decide that I liked this photo because of the composition or place but it is really good!….”

R Mencher: “Superb street scene and excellent caption….”

Street Photography Awards:  Magnifique!!!

Smkhrdz: “This photograph brings up a specific feeling!  Like the way your photos communicate with the viewer….”

Warren Redman: “I love this image Millard!  Your street photography has kept me enthralled, but this hits an artistic spot for me….”

Peter Vundla: “Truly awesome photography.  So proud my image has been caught by Millard….”

Saki Zam: “This reminds me of Sam Nhlengethwa. Beautiful work!….”

Justin in ZA: ” beautiful lighting, composition and mood….”

Alternative Print Workshop:  “clever photo, well done….”

Annetd: “I am always so amazed at your eye for seeing such great moments and capturing them….”

Angela Siddall: “You’ve captured the depth of this picture.  It is very deep….”

Nadine Hack: “Hauntingly wonderful….”

Lungile. Sicongwana: “Mara bafwethu…ay …speechless….”

Gwynne Conlyn: “You have such a brilliant eye….”

Sammellust: “This picture looks magical!….”

instaproletarian:  “The shot is fabulous:….”

Abdoul.Aye: “Keen eye you have there….”

blueming lab: “This photo is awesome!  As in some awe….”

Sarah Crowe Florence: “Intrigued how you manage to sneak these — do you ask/surreptitiously snap…?”

R. Mencher:  “Wonderful lines drawing the viewer to the portrait — intriguing perspective….”

Lungile Sicongwana: “Yoow Uncle Arnold u killing me…this piece though. beautiful….”

Angela Siddall: “Not easy to capture thoughts but you certainly did here….”

Saminglefinch: “Great shot, but sad story….”

M. Marley Stowell: “Love this b/w composition….”

bygeo: “Have been staring at this one for quite a while now. Very nice shot!….”

Baldyprints: “Brilliant image!….”

Angela Siddall: “I love it. Would have it on the wall above m beautiful antique sideboard.  the old, the new.  Hues of wood and hues of a nation.  All Good….”

Carneu Urbana: “Awesome! And I’m not a robot. I really like your photos!….”