BY Millard Arnold, October 31 2019

We don’t know what we think we know.

We know as a result of previous experiences.  Learning is not the absorption of new material by a virgin mind; learning is the erosion of time from a mind dulled by living.  If learning is accepted as a renewal of consciousness, then learning is merely the recognition of awareness.  Images that filter through as ideas, are the struggling attempt of the mind to recall what it already knows.  No knowledge is new knowledge.  I know what you know, and you me.   Within us we know all there is to know.  The universe of knowledge resides within therefore we know all we need to know; we know all we want to know.  Before me, before you is the source of us.  A universal understanding of why.  A question that does not exist before the source; only after.  Learning is the antithesis of knowing; counterproductive to knowledge.  Should you want to learn, you don’t want to know.  Knowledge is within you, learning without.  Knowing can result from learning; learning can never result from knowing.