BY Millard Arnold, July 19 2019

Over the years and following much thought and reflection, my photography has evolved into an expressive glimpse at the unconscious rhythm of nature. The images which make up this collection were inspired by lessons learned from Taoism, the guiding principles of the ancient Chinese. In homage and conformity to those beliefs, my photographic works are an attempt to decipher the patterns of the natural world unlocking a visually mystifying journey created by the inversion of colours, shapes, forms, and composition.

The works are contemplative, but more. Reminiscent of Taoism, they are inspired by the spirit, breath and lessons of nature, they sensually explore the rhythms and truths that envelope us. They are a graphic attempt to cultivate the underlying mystical energy of organic and natural forms.

I have sought to create sensuous, optically intriguing images which engages the curiosity eliciting an emotive, provocative, even passionately cerebral alchemy between my artistic intent and the final absorption of that intent by the initially detached and dispassionate observer. Once appreciated, it then becomes an intimate reflection, a subliminal meditation on mystical and metaphysical themes, an idiosyncratic passage tracing and unveiling cosmic forces and primal energies.

As such, the images renegotiate reality and questions our imperceptible acceptance of what seems unexceptional. The enigmatic, but often seductive images are distorted ambiguities created by renegotiating space and perception; freeing the imagination to interrogate notions of a possible new paradigm.

The images produced, seek to achieve a compositional harmony reflecting an artistic sensitivity directed at eliciting an emotional yet intuitive response to what essentially becomes a self-absorbed meditation on the spirituality of nature. They offer a contemplative study of frozen movements imbued with an ethereal fluidity; a distillation of artistic sensibility and provocative, primordial energies. The images create a marvelously challenging ambiguity, multilayered and complex in nature designed to engage one’s perceptions in an endless concert of sensuality and passion. As been noted in another context, they “exhibit a three dimensional quality reflecting a kind of depth that cannot be exhausted by looking at them.”

The works are an unapologetic appeal to intuition and emotion. In some instances, the richly vibrant hues are compelling; in others, the enigmatic illusions are fixating, and in still others, the seamless fusion of space and colour is what becomes riveting. It is, I believe, a contextual juxtaposition of vivid energy and reflective sentiment that allows the viewer to be absorbed into and engaged with a world of another dimension, a world that has been photographically configured with a subtle intensity of shifting perceptions that unequivocally alter our mundane notions of realism. In so doing, a deeper, more profound appreciation of the simplistic is possible; a reality….renegotiated.